Fee For Services

Responding to the initial request for services.

  • Conducting the arrangement conference.
  • Preparation of biographical and statistical data.
  • Preparation and filing of documents, permits and authorizations.
  • Retention and care of remains prior to cremation.
  • Cremation receptacle (required) for remains prior to cremation
  • All transportation charges of remains.
  • Social Security notification.
Our fee for services…………………………. $895.00

Other services:

Mailing cremated remains to the final destination.

Scattering of cremated remains at sea on our company owned vessel

“CREMATOR” off the coast of Sandy Hook, NJ

Immediate Cremation Services

  • Professional Services and personal care
  • Arranging and supervision of services in your local community
  • Filing of all necassary documents i.e. cremation permit, death certificate

List of Services

  • Full service of the funeral director and staff
  • Transportation of the deceased to the funeral home
  • Embalming and other preparations

Additional Services

  • Cremation With Traditional Service
  • Scattering of Cremains at Sea in our company owned vessel "CREMATOR"
  • Immediate Burial